Is Satoshi Nakamoto a Genius Banker with an Agenda?

Mar 20, 2018  Tammy Marshall, Cryptopirate

They say he’s an undercover anarchist genius who invented bitcoins and cryptocurrency so that he could destroy the current bank system. Oh, how Fight Club of him. I say it’s all a ploy. I say he’s really about as stuffy as an old teddy bear. I think he’s actually a part of the banking system and his agenda is to flood the markets with cryptocurrency in an attempt to bring the current system into the digital age.

Suh, huh? That plan is quite a mouthful. Plus, who would actually plot all of this?

A mastermind would plot it. An evil genius. We are all scratching our heads as we decide to buy or sell cryptocurrency all-the-while Satoshi Nakamoto is sitting in his tall dark bank tower looking down upon us going, “muhahahahah!”

So, who exactly is this Satoshi?

He’s the supposed anonymous person who crafted cryptocurrency. He, or the group who made bitcoins, also made the Blockchain that we all hear about. If you’re not exactly sure what it is, think of it as a gold mine, but a digital one. Who made the mine? Who dug the first bitcoin? Why Satoshi Nakamoto did of course. At least his minions did.

Here’s a little history

Way back in 2008 a paper was published. It was published on a cryptography mailing list. This faux paper from an anonymous author wrote about digital currency. It talked about it being peer-to-peer currency. It then explained the nature of bitcoins and why they were even created. It talked about how the mining of the coins work and how it even works because of people willing to invest in it. You just read it. It works because of the people, not because of the actual coin.

A little farther back, meet Queen Jane Grey. She was only queen for nine days. They then tried her for treason and executed her. A lot of people say it was for many reasons, but the main one was that she wanted to change the current currency system. That’s right, play with money and if they find you they will take your life. She is now remembered as a political martyr.

The above reason is likely why Satoshi Nakamoto is anonymous. I also happen to think he may have other motivations. I speculate that he actually works in the current banking system. His motivation for nudging digital currency is that the banks are slow to move into the digital world. They worry about safety on the internet. Maybe bitcoins won’t really take off, but the banks are watching. Many exchanges are taking notice and are selling the coins and really looking into the digital wallets and how the identification process of this currency works. Maybe cryptocurrency is just a fad, but it is bringing all the monetary system in the now. A lot of the current system is considered archaic. Many government agencies still use check or cash and files and have to be message-sent via fax. They are hard-pressed for change, but aging millennials are demanding being able to use their debit and electronic systems to pay their utility bill. Perhaps this is just a scheme to get these government agencies to peer into digital currency and make the move that everyone wants.

Slow and Resistant to Change

Like I said before, if you mess with the money you are asking for trouble. Now, Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t just messing with money, he is messing with sovereignty. That’s because the value of a dollar has a lot to do with sovereign governments. He and his minions are what is referred to as a cryptopirates. The dollar system and the government system is so interlinked, that by toppling the money is akin to treason. Meaning: If you demolish the money you are trying to demolish the governments. That’s the very reason so many stuffy bankers across the globe won’t make their government agencies move over to digital currency. In order to make that happen you would need some help from an anarchist. If you don’t believe me take China for example. They went from being extremely poor to having a burgeoning middle class. How did they do it? They created a trade system that was unbeatable by other countries. They marketed and sold goods that were incomparable. They did this with the cheapest labor you could get. There was a lot of sweat equity put in their product. There just wasn’t a lot of monetary equity. That’s how they pushed themselves into the present market. They broke the backs of their own populace to make money. That’s something you can’t do in the United States. We have too many labor laws. That’s why in order to push the money-envelope even farther, we needed a marketing scheme that no one could refuse.

That’s Where the Banker Theory Comes In

Imagine if you will that Satoshi Nakamoto isn’t a digital-punk. He’s not even the Green Day of bitcoins. He’s as buttoned up and wearing a suit and tie as you get in a stuffy banker. This is all part of his master plan. He’s kind of a Don Draper of money. He plays the part of the bank world. He makes them all think he’s there to sell advertising. That’s his Guy Fawkes mask. He lives and breathes economics, but he has a real world agenda that includes pushing banks into the current century. He’s doing this by using his genius to create cryptocurrency. It is then he put on the mask of Satoshi Nakamoto.

By pretending to be a rebel against the banks, he is using his economic genius to push banks into utilizing the safety nets that come with cryptocurrency. See, digital currency doesn’t come from nothing. There is a type of mining. There is sweat equity involved. That’s where the term Blockchain and Digital Wallet come in. In order to do this he needed to add some marketing buzz. Nothing buzzes more than a faux genius with nefarious purposes with banks. Think of Satoshi Nakamoto as the Robin Hood of the new millennia. Only this Robin Hood is wearing a banker’s suit and sitting in a tall tower wondering if we will catch on to his real intentions.